Monday, January 25, 2010

St. John Bosco (patron of illusionists, stage magicians, editors, publishers, schoolchildren, young people)

NOTE: I accidentally switched St. John Bosco's feast day with the Conversion of St. Paul, which I will write up and publish on the 31st. Just pretend I didn't do that. Ok? Ok.


you are a loose cannon

they say, a wheeler-dealer

who reaches into unsuspecting

pockets of grandmothers

in floral headscarves

covered in those same roses

you say you dream about nightly

the thorns that cut your feet

as you follow Mother Mary

that crowd your path

through the arbor


let me tell you about a dream

that has absorbed my mind

you whisper, and like the

pied piper, you lead

crowds of boys into church

who are curious about

your juggling, your backflips

and all those doves

fluttering out

of your pockets

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