Friday, January 29, 2010

St. Gildas the Wise (Welsh historians, bell founders)

Chapel of St. Gildas, Brittany, France

This body has been set adrift without a sail

to keep the wind reigned in, like sleek galloping

horses, their metal shoes clicking along

the glass of the water. How will these hands,

these legs, these lungs like unopened buds

ever reach home? This is the sea, the wide

open blue, the body of salt that keeps us afloat.

Who knew our hearts were so buoyant?

If only I could remember how to float

back to where I came from. I was not born

on a wave, or from the sun rising over

this troubled ocean. I want to know where

the map fades away and how I arrived

without a compass in uncharted waters.

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