Sunday, January 17, 2010

St. Anthony (the Great, Abbot, of the Desert, of Egypt)

The Torment of Saint Anthony: Michelangelo


Oh, Saint Anthony

help me find what

I am always, completely

hopelessly looking for

as if it were huddled

in corn husks

as if all I had to do

was peel away

layers of crackling sun,

threads of something dead.


PATRON: against pestilence; amputees; animals; basket makers; basket weavers; brushmakers; Burgio, Sicily; butchers; Canas, Brazil; cemetery workers; domestic animals; eczema; epilepsy; epileptics; ergotism (Saint Anthony's fire); erysipelas; gravediggers; graveyards; hermits; hogs; Hospitallers; Lost items ; monks; Mook, Nederlands; pigs; relief from pestilence; shingles; skin diseases; skin rashes; swine; swineherds

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