Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conversion of St. Paul (Jan 25, swap with St. John Bosco)

The Conversion of St. Paul: Caravaggio

With the strength of a boxer swinging wildly,

your plush red fists pummel the sky to purple,

spotted with black clouds and streaks of blue.

The blood pools under the sun’s eye like a pond

that forms only after a storm. You have blinded

the light. We are thrown into darkness as our

one and only hot star, holds a thick red steak

over her eye. After days of nothing but night,

our skin fades to a virginal white. We forget

what the trees look like when they’re not

hunched over, their limbs clutching their

swollen bellies that rumble with hunger.

You must teach us how to survive in this.

Our ache for the light is an insatiable itch.

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