Monday, January 4, 2010

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (patron saint of Catholic schools)

As these knee socks fall,

I would like it if you,

Mother Seton, would

guide me through these

days of bruised elbows,

scuffed shoes,

and prayers that get

tangled in my teeth.

Please don’t tell anyone

that I’ve got sweater

pockets full of acorns

that I clench in my palms

during Mass.

Instead of showering

after gym class, I splash

some water on my face,

and let the water run.

I apologize.

However, I am curious

(and terrified) of Sister

who pours milk over

the heads of boys

in the hallway.

It mixes with their tears

in rivulets that race down

their noses, past their belts

(tightly buckled) and pools

at their feet.

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