Thursday, October 21, 2010

St. Ursula (patron of archers, students, and orphans)

a veritable tsunami of ribs, shoulder blades, and femurs...arranged in zigzags and swirls and even in the shapes of Latin words.

-Quigley, Christine, Skulls and Skeletons: Human Bone Collections and Accumulations

I dreamed about loose bones

lining the creases in the walls,

hanging from the chandeliers.

this passio is completely

fabulous. I sweat through

all these layers of sheets

as if I am breaking out

of an onion.

a bear with claws like

crescent moons smooths

a paw over my hair, around

the loose threads of my

nightgown. its eyes are

as gold as an arrow

flying straight from

the sun.

the bones glow, my bed

shakes with all this weight.

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